Thursday’s Baby

Thursday’s Baby is a weekly TV commercial that features the first baby born each Thursday at both Saint Thomas Midtown and Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospitals. The commercials began in December of 1999 at Baptist Hospital, now Saint Thomas Midtown. They have become a popular Middle Tennessee tradition; in fact, many people compete for the chance to have their baby on television.

Thursday’s Baby is a celebration of all the new lives that are born in our facilities. Together, Saint Thomas Midtown and Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospitals deliver over 9,000 babies each year.

Our media services department produces the commercials in-house. They run every Thursday evening on News Channel 5.

Where Are They Now?

In January, 2015, Saint Thomas Health and News Channel 5 started a new segment called “Thursday’s Baby: Where Are They Now?” which takes a look at some of the Thursday’s Babies from years ago and catches up with their progress as young men and women.