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HHS Secretary Tom Price Special Visit to Dispensary of Hope

June 8th 2017

Contact: Nick Paranjape, (615) 284-1210, Nick.Paranjape@STH.ORG

United States Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price made a special visit to the Dispensary of Hope in Nashville, Tennessee.   Price, an orthopedic physician by trade, toured the headquarters with Dispensary of Hope CEO Chris Palombo and Saint Thomas Health President & CEO Karen Springer.  

The Dispensary of Hope is a domestic charitable pharmaceutical distributor which provides medications to low-income and uninsured people living in the United States.  The non-profit organization has distributed more than $2.2 million monthly in medications to those who need it most.  The Dispensary of Hope is part of the mission of Ascension and Saint Thomas Health.

On his facebook page, Dr. Price said, "The real innovators, problem-solvers, and healers are not just in Washington, D.C.—they’re in Nashville, Tennessee, and in cities, towns, and state capitals all across the country. I got to see that work first-hand at Dispensary of Hope on Tuesday. Their collaborations are helping to ensure that medicines are not wasted and that those in need get them. We’re working to ensure states, healthcare providers, and companies like this have the freedom to innovate and improve health outcomes. Thank you to the team at Dispensary of Hope for walking me through your operation this week."

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