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Saint Thomas River Park Hospital Makes $25k Contribution to the Children's Advocacy Center of the 31st Judicial District

February 10th 2017

Saint Thomas River Park Hospital, through its Community Benefit program, has donated $25,000 to the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) of the 31st Judicial District.  The Children’s Advocacy Center is a non-profit community organization working to prevent, intervene, investigate and help children who are victims of child abuse in Warren and Van Burn Counties.  The CAC also provides child abuse prevention services through community education and working directly with parents.  Community Benefit at Saint Thomas Health strives to improve access to health care and enhance the health of the community through various programs and services.  Saint Thomas Health is a part of Ascension, the nation’s largest Catholic and non-profit health system.

“This contribution is in direct line with the mission of Saint Thomas Health, which is to provide spiritually centered, holistic care that sustains and improves the health of the communities we serve,” said Dale Humphrey, CEO, Saint Thomas River Park Hospital.  “Helping children, the most vulnerable in our community, to be safe and well-cared-for, is a key part of our overall commitment to healing.”

“We appreciate so very much not only the generous contribution from Saint Thomas River Park Hospital but also the partnership we’ve developed with the hospital as we worked together on their needs assessment,” “said Martha Phillips, Executive Director, Children’s Advocacy Center, 31st Judicial District.  “Saint Thomas River Park Hospital continues to serve as an esteemed member of our Child Protective Investigative Team, imparting valuable medical knowledge needed to ensure children's safety and well-being. These funds will be instrumental in helping us move forward in Warren and Van Buren Counties with our program and plans to help children who are the victims of child abuse, and also to help parents learn how to parent safely and lovingly through our education programs.  This type of work and support is critical to our community being the best and healthiest possible place to live for all of us.”  

“Not only is the CAC an excellent organization in our community, we’ve developed a more personal connection over the past year, as they were a great partner as we developed our community needs assessment,” Humphrey added.  “Ms. Phillips and several other representatives of the CAC participated in interviews, a focus group and our community health summit to help us identify the most pressing community health needs facing McMinnville and Warren County.  We got to know them better, and we are very appreciative of the valuable work they perform in this region.”

Saint Thomas River Park Hospital is a 125-bed full-service hospital located in McMinnville, TN and serving the people of Middle Tennessee Saint Thomas River Park Hospital provides a comprehensive range of medical services and high quality care. We are a forward thinking, innovative hospital where trust, teamwork and technology come together to make a positive difference in the health of our community and region.

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