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A Real Pain in the Neck

January 12th 2015

Contact: Nick Paranjape, (615) 284-1210, Nick.Paranjape@STH.ORG

Ever wake up and feel like you can’t move your neck? It happens to millions of people every day. That pesky crick in the neck can put a real crick in your day.

There are various types of neck pain according to spine­health.com. Some can be more serious than others. For the mild muscle pull from a bad night’s sleep or exercise, there are simple things you can do to help deal with the pain.

Don’t keep yourself from doing your daily activities says Charlene Challenger­Smith, a physical therapist with Saint Thomas Outpatient Rehabilitation. When people pull a neck muscle, they tend to guard themselves and not move their neck. Challenger­Smith says it’s actually best to loosen it up to a certain point. Over-the-counter anti­inflammatory medication may help. Applying some ice may bring some relief too.

If the pain lasts for more than a couple of days, call your doctor. Watch the video to learn more on what to do if you have a muscle strain in your neck. For a FREE injury and pain assessment screen, call 615­284­PT4U (7848) or go to www.sthealth.com/rehab.

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