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Look Out! There's Sodium Hiding In That Bite
Here's a scary fact: According to the American Heart Association, approximately 75% of the sodium we eat comes from sodium *added* to processed foods and restaurant foods. Sodium is an essential nutri...
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Saint Thomas Health Celebrates National Doctor's Day
More than 1,500 physicians practice at Saint Thomas Health in the Middle Tennessee area.  The hospitals celebrated and honored those physicians with a special breakfast and lunch for National Doc...
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Nutrition Month Q&A: Butter vs. Margarine
Butter is bad; Margarine is better. Wait, butter is better; margarine is bad. Which is it? It can be confusing and it's a question Kitty Fawaz, a clinical dietitian at Saint Thomas Health in Nashville...
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Avoiding Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Football Players
Dr. Andrew Zurick, cardiologist at Saint Thomas Heart in Nashville, spoke to more than 50 youth and high school football coaches from Tennessee about the dangers of sudden cardiac arrest. The event, h...
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Nutrition Month Q&A: White Bread or No Bread?
We're continuing our #NutritionMonth Q&A with Clinical Dietition Kitty Fawaz. Our next question from a Facebook friend is:For a type 2 diabetic like myself, which is better? White bread, wheat bre...
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Key to Preventing Colon Cancer: Early Detection
This year alone, 148,000 men and women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer.  Early detection is the key to preventing colon cancer. When found early, there is a 90% ch...
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Nutrition Month Q&A: The Truth About Coconut Oil
Our most recent Facebook question for National Nutrition Month: When my dad was diagnosed with heart issues, coconut oil was on the top of the "no no" list. Now, it seems like coconut oil is...
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Nutrition Month Q&A: Fruits, Veggies, and Diabetes
March is #NationalNutritionMonth so we're hitting the streets and the tweets to find out what questions you have about nutrition. Irene follows our Facebook Page and recently asked us the following q...
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Saint Thomas Health Offers Free Cooking Class for Nutrition Month
The Heart Healthy Cooking School presented by Saint Thomas Heart is a series of free heart-healthy cooking demonstrations and tastings designed to provide you with valuable information on how to choos...
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Irregular Sleeping Pattern May Affect How Teens Eat
A report from the American Heart Association.Day-to-day changes in how long your teen sleeps at night might be affecting how much they eat, according to new research presented at the America...
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